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Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

I consider myself lucky this year to have managed to escape one part of a Western Christmas which by this time would be grating on my nerves: Christmas songs!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all of them and when they first play there is usually a twinge of excitement in my heart because …

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What will you harvest?

In Kenya, and especially in rural areas, I always enjoyed how most people would grow crops no matter how small or large their land was.  One time Lox and I offered to plant maize for his mum who lived in Nairobi at the time.  We travelled 7-8 hours to her patch of land and got …

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The technology trap

One thing I weirdly enjoyed when I lived in Kenya was when we had power cuts.  Yes, it could be frustrating when I was in the middle of something (like baking a cake in my electric oven) but most of the time I loved the simplicity that came with it.  We would take longer to …

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Kilifi during the Covid-19 pandemic

Written by Lox:For the past couple of months the world has had a big pandemic surprise, COVID-19.  Africa hasn’t been spared and with poor medical facilities, few medical resources and those that are there being unaffordable to many, many communities in Africa have either suffered directly or indirectly.Love Your Neighbour works in a remote area of …

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May 10th, 2020

This story starts in 2018. We had spent a few weeks in Kenya building the community centre & it was now our last day before starting our journeys home. We wanted to celebrate what had happened so far with the team & the community & so we invited everyone for a party. People gathered & …

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