About Us

Showing love to the last, least & lost in Kenya

Who we are

In a nutshell, we're a small bunch of God loving, Christ following disciples who are trying to make a difference in Kenya. We believe that God loves us passionately and because of the love God has shown us, we want to passionately love the world around us. We work on several projects around Kenya with one aim: to love people & show them a glimpse of what the God of love is like.

Our Mission

Showing love to the last, least & lost in Kenya


We offer a tailor made experience for you to come & volunteer at Kivuli Kijijini. You can join us on our annual service trips which run for 2 weeks each year. Or you can choose when you want to come & how long for!


Our international charity sustainable development model equips families with the tools and skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty.


Get involved with an Emergency Services organization and gain the experience, training and essential skills required to help people when they need it most.

Our Campaigns

Here are our Main Activities

Kivuli Kijijini

Our main project runs in a small village named Bungu in Kilifi County. Here we run a community centre which serves to empower the community around us through the following projects

Sozo Women Empowerment

In a country where education is not freely available to all, girls are often side lined & denied the opportunity to go to school or to finish their education. This in turn affects their chances of getting a job or being able to start their own business.

Containers of Hope

In partnership with Clynview Care Farm (https://www.clynfyw.co.uk/) we ship over containers of mobility aids to distribute to those who need them. The sad reality for many with disabilities in this area is that their families are ashamed of them & they are not allowed to leave their homes. We're working to break down this social taboo by providing mobility aids & making it possible for those with disabilities to go to school & to move around in their community.

Girls whispers

One of the struggles of girls living in poverty is that they can't afford sanitary towels. Many have to stay at home when they get their monthly period which means they can miss up to 5 days of school a month. As time goes on their school grades lower & for this reason many drop out of school. Others, in desperation, sell their bodies for money to buy sanitary towels. They then fall pregnant and again drop out of school. We want every girl to have the opportunity to finish school & so every term we host an event for girls from local schools to give them sanitary towels for the term. During our events we also teach them about women's health & hygiene & teach them their value.

Goat Bank

At our centre, we have a number of goats which we give as loans to families in need. When the goat breeds & the kid is ready to leave the mother, they give back one of the goat kids to repay their 'loan'. This goat is then grown & used to help the next family & so the cycle continues. If you donate to give a goat, you'll not only bless one family but many

Joshua Generation

At Kivuli Kijijini we give children & young people a chance to hear about God & to grow in their faith. We teach them to dance, play games & give them an opportunity to open up about the struggles they face.

Prayer Hut

We believe we're here to make a spiritual difference as well as a physical one. The prayer hut is here for anyone from the community to come & be with God.

Little Angel's Sponsorship program

In Kibera slum, Nairobi, we give children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to go to school through sponsorship.

Water For Life

Getting clean water can be challenging in Kilifi County, especially for the elderly and those with disabilities. When water needs to be collected from a river or other water source, the task often falls on girls & gives them another reason to be absent from school. Water for life runs twice a week to give free, clean water to those who need it to help relieve them & their families of this burden.

How to Become a Volunteer?

We offer a tailor made experience for you to come & volunteer at Kivuli Kijijini. You can join us on our annual service trips which run for 2 weeks each year. Or you can choose when you want to come & how long for! There's always plenty to do & we will give you an opportunity to put your talents to work here. Fill in the form to express your interest in an unforgettable Kenyan experience

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