2023 Donations Report

Welcome to Love Ur Neighbour, where compassion meets action. We’re a group of devoted individuals committed to making a positive impact in Kenya by reaching out to the least, the last, and the lost. Rooted in our faith and driven by love, we strive to embody the kindness and compassion exemplified by God.

Pie Chart Breakdown: Here’s a visual representation of where your generous donations have been directed:

  • Library Project: 33.1% (£8,100)
    The heart of knowledge and learning, our library project stands tall, providing access to books and resources for all.
  • Running Costs: 16.9% (£4,133)
    Keeping the wheels turning, our running costs ensure smooth operations, enabling us to reach out to those in need efficiently.
  • Container Of Hope: 14.3% (£3,500)
    A symbol of resilience and support, our container of hope initiative provides essential supplies to those facing adversity.
  • Program Sponsorship: 13.1% (£3,200)
    Empowering individuals through education and training, our program sponsorship initiative opens doors to brighter futures.
  • Goat Bank: 12.3% (£3,000)
    Sustaining livelihoods and fostering self-reliance, our goat bank initiative offers a pathway out of poverty for many families.
  • Sensory Room: 4.9% (£1,200)
    Catering to the unique needs of individuals, our sensory room provides a safe and stimulating environment for all.
  • Water Project: 1.7% (£410)
    Quenching thirst and promoting health, our water project brings clean and safe drinking water to communities in need.
  • Kids Club: 2.5% (£600)
    Nurturing young minds and fostering friendships, our kids club offers a haven of fun and learning for children.
  • Sanitary Towels: 1.2% (£300)
    Promoting dignity and hygiene, our sanitary towels initiative ensures that every individual has access to essential hygiene products.

As we reflect on the diversity of projects supported by your generosity, one thing becomes abundantly clear—love knows no bounds. Each donation, regardless of size, has contributed to building a stronger, more compassionate community where every individual is valued and supported. Together, we’ve demonstrated the true power of love thy neighbor, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us. Let’s continue this journey of compassion and solidarity, spreading love and kindness wherever it’s needed most. Thank you for being a vital part of this remarkable endeavor.