Living in the ‘now & the not yet’

Part 1: written on the morning of Monday 20th April 2020:
We’re all in a strange season right now as we watch Covid-19 sweep across the globe. For some, it has brought devastation & loss. For others, financial uncertainty & poverty. For some, life has become busier as they serve on the frontlines in keeping countries running while for others life has quietened right down & they are unsure of what to do with themselves.

Over these last 2 weeks, Lox and a team of volunteers were supposed to be in Kenya putting in a water harnessing system at our community centre, Kivuli Kijijini, distributing mobility equipment & serving the community. But all of those plans came to a sudden stand still when Kenya understandably shut it’s borders to countries which had cases of the virus in order to protect it’s people. So, Lox is home, working night shifts; Joseia is home all day every day full of curiosity and energy; and I’m home and quickly approaching my due date. I have to admit, it’s a really strange time to be heavily pregnant. I don’t have the usual options when it comes to birth choices and there’s little I can do to distract myself from thinking ‘will today be the day?’! Even as I look forward to our little girl’s arrival, it’s odd to think that cuddles with her will be exclusively for Lox, Joseia and I until the lock down is lifted and that she won’t get to meet many of the people who are keenly awaiting her arrival until she’s at least a few weeks old.

Each day I’m living in a weird tension of knowing that today could be the day that she arrives but that it might not be. Which is what drew me to write today as it highlights to me a different tension, an eternal one. Yesterday as I tuned into Church online I was reminded that every day I live is closer to my last. It’s a scary thought. I’ll never live this day again. And I have one less day to live on planet earth. Every day my baby girl has one less day in my womb.

Lox and I were chatting about it over dinner last night, if she could think such thoughts (maybe she can, who knows!?), I wonder if she’d think about what life will be like on the other side? If there is life outside the womb? If there’s a mum, dad and family who can’t wait to meet her and shower her with love? I wonder if she’d be nervous or scared of exiting the familiar warm place where she is right now? Or if she’d feel ready and excited?

During this time especially, I believe a lot of people are thinking of eternity and whether there is life after death. Does it exist? What will it be like? How can I believe it when I can’t see it? More people have googled ‘prayer’ over these last few weeks than in the last 5 years! Prayer resources provided by movements like 24-7 prayer and Thy Kingdom Come are being used more than ever before. People are praying & people are thinking about their eternal destiny.

At a time like this, I’m so thankful that I have faith in Jesus. Whether today is my last day or I live to be 120, I know that there is a loving Father waiting to welcome me into heaven. I’m also thankful that there is an open invitation to everyone to put their faith in Jesus and to be assured of eternal life. The Bible puts it this way:

So here I am in this tension. Wondering each & every day whether this will be the day I get to see my baby girl. It’s also helping me to make the most of everything I do have right now. I’m going to bed at a sensible time and getting a healthy amount of sleep while I can. I’m enjoying hot cups of tea. I’m spending lots of time with Joseia and Lox. I’m taking time to pray, to read my Bible and to crochet. I know that before long my nights will be disturbed; I won’t be able to give Joseia as much attention and a hot cup of tea or a quiet moment with God will be a lot more challenging so I’m making the most of it.

Which brings my thoughts back again to my numbered days on earth. Each day we have is an opportunity that we’ll never have again. How can I make a difference today? Can I bring a smile to someone’s face? Can I take some time to pray? Can I give of my time, energy or resources in a way that will bless someone? I can’t do everything, but I can do something & I’ve been challenged lately to do more of those ‘somethings’ which sometimes seem small and insignificant but can actually bless others in ways we don’t know. Joseia and I have painted cards and sent them to people. We’ve checked on neighbours and even found out the names of some that we didn’t know well. I’ve called people to see how their doing. I’m writing this blog right now because some of these thoughts going around my head might resonate with you and give you the hope or inspiration you need today.

​Part 2: Written on Wed 29th April 2020
​So, guess what happened on Monday the 20th April as i was about to get ready for bed? My little girl arrived! It all happened so quickly that I didn’t even manage to do the few things I’d thought I would when labour pains started… In fact we didn’t even make it to the hospital but that’s a story for another day! All in all, I was glad that I was mostly prepared for little Roxy’s arrival & even more glad that Roxy & I were safe & healthy.

​I’ve been thinking about it all over this last week & it highlighted to me even more the importance of being ready for my eternal destiny which I believe I can only do by putting my faith in Jesus. I have no idea which day will be my last but i want to try my best to make every day count & to be ready to meet my maker when my time comes.

So, let me leave you with these questions to have a think about:
1. What do you think about life after death?​
2. Have you spent time to think about your eternal destiny? If not when & how can you do this?
3. In what areas of your life do you need to be more purposeful about making a positive difference?

If you have any questions & would like to know more from a Christian perspective, feel free to get in touch at

​And without further ado, it would be unfair of me to say goodbye without some pics of the newest member of the Busisa family…