May 10th, 2020

This story starts in 2018. We had spent a few weeks in Kenya building the community centre & it was now our last day before starting our journeys home. We wanted to celebrate what had happened so far with the team & the community & so we invited everyone for a party. People gathered & among them was a young man in a tatty old wheel chair which was worn to the rims, Christopher. Christopher had made an appearance every day since we’d started working on the community centre, he spoke good English & was very sociable. Everyone took a liking to him but there was one team member, Maria, who decided she couldn’t leave knowing she could have made a difference & so she did. Amongst the excitement & celebrations she took centre stage & presented Christopher with a brand new wheel chair-it was such a tear-jerking moment for us as well as the community, a moment which will always be a warm memory when we remember that trip.

​Fast forward to Summer 2019 & Lox was introduced to someone else who wanted to make a difference in Kenya, a man called Jim. Jim had been to Kenya in the past, knows about the struggles of people with disabilities & now runs a care farm. After meeting with Lox he bought a shipping container & filled it with mobility equipment. Before long Lox got a call to say the container was full & ready to go, he just needed to do some paper work… I wish i could say the paper work went as smoothly as the filling of the container but seeing as it was all new to us it was a gruelling amount of work. As soon as Lox had ticked one box it seemed like another 10 appeared. Nevertheless Lox kept at it day after day until finally everything was in place & the container was ready to be shipped.

  Unloading & reloading the container to be fumigated  

The container was picked up in January & taken to Bristol to be shipped to Kenya & then all we could do was wait & pray that it would arrive safely (with no clue what 2020 had in store for us all!). It was due to arrive in February & Lox hoped to distribute the equipment on his trip in April… But instead in February Lox discovered it had been left in Oman! It was sent again to Kenya & as time passed we wandered where it could be & if Covid-19 would prevent it from arriving for the time being. It finally did arrive but instead of taking it to Kilifi (which is about an hour away from the port of Mombassa), it was taken to Nairobi. With some more following up it was sent back… But went straight past Kilifi! After another 180 degree turn it was finally on the right track but then got stuck in the mud for a day. It then made it’s way to Kivuli Kijijini only to get stuck again at our enterance! The community around chipped in to help & now we can finally report that the container & equipment have safely arrived ready to bless those, like Christopher, who so desperately need them.